Friday, April 7, 2017

How and when should I cut back ornamental grasses?

Found this interesting as I begin to enjoy a few sunny days in the yard when it's finally above freezing.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Signs of spring

Sprouts appear near the same time every year. Striped thin blades of crocus, thick dark green shoots of tulips and narcissus, and unfolding leaf buds of columbine push forth through the earth and winter mulch towards the warming sunshine. Welcome, spring. Welcome a new season of home ownership here.

I just refinanced and have decided to live in this house for many years to come. These gardens have been growing on their own with very little help from me these past few years. Neglected trees and bushes continue to branch out, looking like a homeless person in need of a haircut. It's the year to prune, and clear, and divide, and replant. But, not yet. These 55° days may feel like spring weather. But, the mushy grass in the backyard reminds me it's still thawing out and not ready for digging yet. Oh, it's so hard to wait for spring.